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New for 2006 – experimental blog

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Joe's test website.

My recipe for Porter (Guinness) cake.

For my all-encompasing hardware fault finding flowchart:- Trouble Shoot (Just for fun)

For some example logging scripts (For Linux Newbies like me) which I created go :-  Logging Scripts 

If you want personal info go :- Personal (Updated 2/4/2006) 

Technical Details, my computer etc. are :- Technical (Updated 2/4/2006)

Website I have just created :-

Technical Terms translated for laymen :- Terms

If you like the film 2001 and want a laugh (downloaded from the Compuserve UNIX forum) go :- Hal 

If you like the film Star Wars - Episode 1 and want a laugh go :- Stars (bit funny) 

or also try :- Government (funny)

My segfault story :- segstory

My poem about skiing :- skiing

Me and Henry's favourite poem 2003 :- Friends

Henry's favourite poem 2004 :- Lines

Some computer error messages in haiku (a special poem format) :- Haiku

If you know about electricity, try "The Ten Commandments of Electical Safety"

Some while ago I needed to find out about NEMA codes for enclosures - although widely used around the world they are not well known in the UK - For a quick guide and brief descriptions see NEMA Codes which I re-created from the original.

If you always buy the cheapest kit you can find, read this:- Ruskin

Here is a quote from Phyllis Bently about people from Yorkshire:- Bentley

Here is a little trip down memory lane for some of us:- Memory

Please forgive any errors etc. but feel free to let me know what you think - e-mail address below.
"Don't anthropomorphise computers - they don't like it"


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