Star Wars - Episode 1A

Anikin visits a junkshop.

So, Peace has been restored to Naboo, The Federation has lost it's trading monopoly, Queen Amidala's position is strengthened.

Before he starts his training to be a Jedi Knight, Anikin goes back to his home planet of Tooatine to see his mother and have a holiday - after all the last few weeks have been pretty hectic!. He is accompanied by R2-D2, the little droid with the big heart and the built-in welding set.

Anikin had always wanted to visit the stars, but he also wanted to build his own spacecraft and this would probably be his last chance. His plan was to go round some of the junkshops he was so familiar with and pick up the relevant bits of kit. With the help of R2 and C3-PO he could soon cobble something together which would make him the fastest kid in the universe and make Sebulba's eyes drool!. For a start he knew where there was an old LH-8886 executive fighter which had been there for years. His new found friends, especially Queen Amidala, had provided the wherewithal and he bought it immediately.

This was a model built for both planetary and interplanetary speed, highly streamlined and powerful as you might expect from the old Earth based Lear-Hughes Corporation. But Anikin could do better - he intended to beef up this little baby with some serious internal tweaks - and R2 was just the tool he needed. As a repair droid, there was not much about spacecraft construction that R2 didn't know, so Anikin set him to work. One of the first jobs was to get the basic avionics systems up and running - R2 pointed his comms. link at the rather outdated and old fashioned control board and started the power up sequence. After a few seconds R2 squeaked and whistled a problem.

"What's wrong ?", said Anikin.

More squeaks and whistles from R2 - Anikin looked at the control board and the display readouts.

"Oh no", Sighed Anikin, "Not Windows 3000. We can't rely on anything as flaky as that!".

R2 agreed.

"Can't you load some of your core code instead and then do a system re-boot? Your Linuxx opsys is pretty rugged and modular - good enough for a spaceship anyway".

R2 agreed again - he did as instructed - loaded a new control system onto the ship's avionics controls and started again.

"Right" said Anikin "That's the last reboot this ship's going to need - lets get some work done".

All my own work, inspired by the film.

Favourite quote from the film :- "I don't care what Universe you're from, that's gotta hurt!"

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